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3in1 uncoiler straightener feeder
2in1 decoiler straightener
Pricision straightener
Servo feeder
TL series
Thick sheet straightener
Double head uncoiler
Double-headed 3in1 uncoiler straightener feeder
Open-type precision straightener

Contact: Albert Heng
Tel: 18929240930
Fax: 0769-81012530
E-mail: dgzsjx@163.com

skype: shortleg9
Address: No. 21 Xingda Road, Hengli town  Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Founded in 2003,Dongguan Zhesheng Machinery co., LTD is a morden high-tech enterprise combing R&D, production and sales of press surrounding automatic equipment with more than 50employees including 5 senior executives, 8 salesmen.  Our products and services widely applied to metl stamping ,electronic field, home appliance, automobile field, etc.

We have introduced the advanced technologies from Japan, the US and Italy in order to improve the core technoloy of products within the shortest time. We pursue high performance products with strong stability and pertinence thus we are able to meet various high precision and high performance stamping requiement.

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